OD She. Laoureux. A Practical Method for Violin. Part 1. REPORT OF PROFESSOR CÉSAR THOMSON. ΤΟ. M. F.-A. GEVAERT. DIRECTOR OF THE ROYAL. : Practical Method – Part 1 (Supplement): Violin Method ( ): Nicolas Laoureux: Books. Laoureux Nicolas Practical Method Violin Part 1 Violin solo.

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And can you take us through the manufacturing process a little?

Nicolas Laoureux – 21 – Andante

The right density is obtained when the felt is at the right dimension, not before, not after. Your alert is active. The shape and the types of dampers depend on the string they are supposed to damp.

With our machines we can adjust the weight by square meters of the layers, and also the fiber direction crossed or not. The purpose of the damper then is to stop the wave and subsequently, the sound.

Bedrooms Min laourekx of bedrooms Max number of bedrooms. To find out more click here. Receive an email alert each time a property matches your criteria. Log in for My Immovlan Account of.

For all dampers the target is to damp the sound, that means that they are in charge of absorbing the laourreux of the strings. A soft felt is difficult to make on several levels: It is a natural process no chemicals involved where the fibers are matted together via friction.


An e-mail has been sent to to laoueeux that you are the owner of the address. Details Mail Contact Tel. The previous process of felting and fulling require moisture and so the felt must be dried. Log out Do you really want to disconnect from my immovlan? Property in progress You have a property in progress. On the treble section, frequencies increase drastically when you play more to the extreme treble section.

This is not laoureud.

You can find it under My Immovlan. Log in with your Facebook account. Do you want to continue with this property? Your search Your email Create your alert now. We buy the wool taking into consideration the length of the fibers told in millimetresdiameter of the fibers told in micronsand ability to felt more or less the curving of the fibers.

This is again a hand-made paoureux, one piece at a time.

Pierre Laoureux

We use hot presses to achieve this. The Privacy Protection Policy of Immovlan. There are 3 types of strings and yet 4 types of dampers mono,bi,tri and treblecan you tell us how each of those work? The softer the felt, the better the form memory.

Here we calibrate the thickness of the felt, for example Dimensions of the felt should be controlled because we need to keep consistency in the shrinking. Please enter your password to confirm that you are the owner of this account. Your e-mail alert will be saved and sent to.


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Nicolas Laoureux – 21 – Andante sheet music for Violin download free in PDF or MIDI

Making great felt requires technical know-how but also great raw materials. And if you are over the optimal felting point you are too hard on the surfaces and soft in the center and thus, the felt is not consistent. The key returns to its upright position and the tone stops lzoureux.

It is a hand made process consisting of assembling and cutting several wool layers depending on the final result we want to achieve. Create an e-mail alert. The account linked to this e-mail address has been deactivated on immovlan. Depending the product we make it goes to the dedicated workshop in order to be cut or assembled to its finished purpose.

You can find similar properties in the result list below. For the felt manufacturer the challenge is to make low density felt because it has superior damping properties however it is much, much more difficult to produce.

This is what makes great dampers. A — Wool opening and Blending: