José Míguez Bonino was born in Santa Fé, Argentina, in and began his theological studies twenty years later at the interdenominational. José Míguez Bonino (far right) at the WCC 9th Assembly in Porto for the life and work of renowned liberation theologian José Míguez Bonino. José Miguez‐Bonino. Rev. Dr. J. Miguez‐Bonino is President of Union Theological Seminary, Buenos Aires, Argentina. This article first appeared in Spanish in.

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Argentine theologians Liberation theologians Protestant theologians births deaths. Secondly, we have to look at ways in which Christians personally and Christian churches and organizations can most significantly enter the struggle. Then, a brief review of the issues from the specific consideration of the situation of the poor as a test for Christian commitment, and finally, some ways in which the Christian community and churches can participate in these struggles.

There were no related products found for this item. Bonino was raised in the Methodist Churchand participated actively in this denomination since his youth. Request a Review Copy. Previous Post Previous Chapter It then becomes clear why the Bible speaks of the mercy and the judgement of God: To bring together these small triumphs and to relate them to a larger struggle, to discover forms of organization, tactics and strategies, is a long and difficult effort, fought through with failures, mistakes and, why not, defections and betrayals.

Eerdmans is proud to publish many books that have remained in print for decades – true classics that have stood the test of time. But we will have missed our salvation!

The Hebrew Psalmist expresses it poetically:.

Hans Urs von Bal These last lines bring us to the bottom line in the emergence of liberation theologies — whether Korean, Philippians, South African, Black, Tamil or Latin American. New Testament Studies John Studies. Both in the Old and in the New Testament, they are the poor, the oppressed, the unprotected, the despised, in their dominant forms of the time: Some features of this site may not work without it.

Chapter The Struggle for Justice and Peace, by Jose Miguez Bonino – Religion Online

Peace and justice can only be understood, re-created and defended from the perspective of the poor and oppressed. The Marxist critique of idealism in traditional theology is accepted and serves as a starting point for a revised Christian interpretation of history.


Again, Miguez Bonino’s indebtedness to Bonhoeffer, this time in his polarity of the ultimate and penultimate is acknowledged. It refers to all those resources and factors which make communal harmony joyous and effective” Ref.

Religious Studies Liberation theology. As Christian people and churches engage in this struggle, they have to decide where and in which ways their participation can be most meaningful. Not as bonimo avant-garde, but as useful and even necessary participants. In the second place, we see that the poor are neither necessarily passive nor powerless.

José Míguez Bonino

Views Read Edit View history. Reflections on Commentary Writing by Gordon Miguuez. It cannot be taken for granted that we have such a place. Inhe left teaching to pursue further study at Union Theological Seminary in New Yorkwhere he obtained his doctorate in with a thesis on ecumenism. Notable Theologians Abraham Kuyper. Separating these dimensions worship without justice and false security when God and the neighbor are rejected is precisely the injustice and betrayal of the covenant that is denounced by the prophets.

Recent discussions on economics seem to be the best illustration of this ideology; our hopes are rationalized by the data that we can feed into our computers. Although the struggle must be carried at every one of these aspects, I would suggest that churches and educational, cultural and even recreational institutions have their best possibilities in areas iii and iv.

Your favorite Eerdmans titles can be purchased through leading retailers including Amazon. But people, like in the past, show their resourcefulness and their resolution. It shows that, by a dialectical use of Marxist muguez he is able to rediscover a basic and essential Mlguez understanding of history which requires that Christians be actively engaged in its shaping.

And they have to be constantly corrected, and made more precise and inclusive. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. It has inspired hope, beckoning from the future, awakening a restlessness in relation to existing conditions and inspiring the quest for changes that would move in the direction of hope.

In these rather general notes we have tried first to look at some of the basic points of departure for a Christian consideration of issues of justice and peace.


Consequently, someone is wronged in these acts: In the first place, the poor teach us how our world is and who we are. Certainly, there are a number of problems and issues to be considered. Bonino was very influenced by the ideas of the social gospel.

José Míguez Bonino – Wikipedia

Christian Living Grief and Suffering. Miguez Bonino’s choice of the biblical category of the Kingdom of God is examined and is seen to constitute a departure from and an improvement on the conventional model of the Exodus used by most liberation theologians. The foreign debt continues to be an issue and new voices have began to sound the need to look for ways to face it; ii At the national level two questions are concentrating increasing attention: The theology of Karl Barth was also significant in the development of his thought.

And God has not taught us that primarily through theological reflection or clever hermeneutics but through an encounter with the massive reality of poverty, deprivation and marginalization. Therefore the community needs to pray and work for peace.

Chapter 13: The Struggle for Justice and Peace, by Jose Miguez Bonino

He has advocated for community interpretation of the Bible against individualism. This page was last edited on 17 Mayat However, josf also criticized the social gospel for its theological weakness and utopian idealism that held that the kingdom of God is brewing in human bonijo.

He was also executive secretary of the South American Association of Theological Institutions between and Bonino is considered one of the founders of Latin American Liberation theology[3] [5] and he was committed to a political ethic focused on the poor and the defense of human rights. Justice is essentially a concept of relation, referring to “the real relation between two.