Imperial policing [Charles William Gwynn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. William Gwynn’s (–), short book Imperial Policing (London: is harder to find investigations into the command of ‘imperial policing’, where senior offi-. Imperial Policing. Front Cover. Sir Charles William Gwynn. Macmillan and Company, Limited, Bibliographic information. QR code for Imperial Policing.

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The inaction of the police reserve inside the city has been ascribed to the age and lack of initiative of its Indian commanders. The hope was that this plan would enable the arrest to be carried out quietly and without interference. In the Victorian era, when the Empire was in process of expansion, small wars were of frequent occurrence and at that time might well have been considered the Army’s principal police task.

Burials took place outside the city and processions formed within the city did not pass the gates. When large areas are affected by disorder and the Government impwrial are insufficient to deal effectively with the whole at once, it is almost always advisable to concentrate effort in dealing with successive parts systematically. He was well on his way to a solution when unfortunately he decided to enlarge the scope of the problem to include what lay outside his province. The imperal Order” for which General Dyer was held responsible was apparently due to the misapplication of a hasty remark of his, added as a rider to his original order.

Machine guns can be usefully employed without any suspicion of ruthlessness. More commonly, responsibility is shared between the two authorities in giving effect to measures required to restore control. The chief police station Kotwalithe Town Hall and the Post Office are situated together in the centre of the northern half of the city and the main road connecting them with the civil lines runs along Hall Bazaar, through Hall Gate and across the railway by Hall Bridge; to.

The extent to which the intelligence service can obtain information depends greatly on the attitude adopted towards imeprial loyal and neutral population. The crowd were within a few yards of the picket and, in spite of the efforts of Mr.

Police, escorted by small parties of troops, were sent into the city and successfully carried out important arrests in connection with the riots of the 10th. It was not till late at night that reinforcements provided by definite orders arrived; but by early on the lIth, British and Indian troops drawn from Lahore and Jullundur had been added to the garrison. Anything that savours of passive defence encourages the other side and wastes power. Although the character of the outbreaks with which the Army may have to deal in carrying out its police functions vary to such a great degree, there are certain general principles which must be adhered to common to them all.

Most of such punishments were designed to cause humiliation and had the effect of leaving much bitterness behind them. There is therefore less room for misunderstandings and misinterpretation of that impeeial than when the civil and military authorities are merely acting imperiql co-operation.


To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign po,icing. Communal disturbances of a im;erial, religious or political character not directed against Government, but which Government must suppress. The second edition of ” Imperial Policing ” has as much relevance in the 21 st century as it did on the eve inperial the Second World War, when it was published, and provides our combat leaders and policy makers much insight useful to the problem of restoring order to Iraq, Afghanistan and the Pashtun Federally Administered Tribal Area FATA in neighboring Pakistan.

I have said elsewhere that civil and military views on the degree troops should be dispersed are often at variance. What principles should guide its action? The initiative in the first instance must in the nature of things rest with the forces of disorder, and many vulnerable points are imperlal to their attack.

Wild misrepresentation of the effect of these Policingg was indulged in, the press was full of bitter abuse, and as a protest against them Mr.

Armoured fighting vehicles require special and favourable conditions to enable their full potentialities to be exploited, though they may often prove a useful adjunct to an infantry or mounted force.

Although Amritsar itself was again under control on the 12th, several cases of sabotage affecting railway and telegraph communications po,icing dur. The majority and minority reports presented by the Committee did little to allay the prejudice aroused by controversy, and the divergent findings were more closely studied than the actual facts. The use of non-lethal weapons also implies the probability of troops becoming engaged in hand-to-hand conflicts of a nature for which they are not fwynn trained nor physically specially fitted.

Imperial policing

Riot is at all times endemic in India, but there were indications that an epidemic had broken out. It is hardly possible to draw up exercises in which the work can be practised.

Doubts, however, arose as to whether the hartal had taken place on the right date, and it was decided that a second hartal was necessary on the 6th to comply with Gandhi’s amended instruction. On the whole it was a spontaneous gathering, not organised and with no very definite purpose, but certainly not a mild and inoffensive demonstration of protest as was subsequently represented. These arrangements, provided that the constituent elements understood what was expected from them, were probably as good as the size of the force available permitted, except in certain details which will be commented on later.

Fire without specific warning is only justified when.

In this internet file, the original maps, pagination and layout are maintained, with a few editorial highlights on doctrine and ” lessons learned ” included, so that readers cannot easily escape important points originally observed by MGen Gwynn.

For although troops are at all times justified in taking, and are bound to take, the poilcing which the immediate necessity of the situation confronting them demands, their right to take action to prevent further outbreaks is very limited unless continuity impefial necessity is officially recognised.


The question of the employment of armoured fighting vehicles will be discussed in the chapter describing riots in Peshawar. The duty of giving advice may often fall on quite junior officers, as for example in the Cyprus incident in the matter of the arrest of the leaders of the subversive movement.

The difficulty of applying rules and of deciding, in the noise and confusion of a impeiral, on the amount of force necessary should, however, also receive recognition.

Imperial Policing : Sir Charles W. Gwynn : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Jonnathon marked it as to-read Jul 17, The city was kept under martial law for some time and active steps were taken to bring the perpetrators of the outrages of the loth of April to justice. The influence of their moderate leaders was ignored and the hysterical mob was further excited by unchecked outrages committed poliding the hooligan element.

Any marshalling of crowds that may be necessary is better in the first instance left to the police. To arrest policong leaders before the arrangements for reinforcement had been fully matured was like poking a stick into a wasps’ nest before taking steps to stupefy the insects.

Concentration of effort to regain the initiative and to eliminate the source of trouble should be the aim from the earliest possible moment.

Imperial Policing : Charles W Gwynn : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

The Army cannot afford to ignore propaganda, but it requires the support of public opinion to reduce the effectiveness of that weapon. When armed rebellion is encountered, the only limitations to their use, as I have said, are those imposed by the nature of the terrain and the characteristics of the enemy. The slipperiness of modern streets, the ease with which wire obstacles can be constructed, and the probability that some of the crowd will possess automatic pistols tend, however, to restrict their use.

Jullundur and Lahore were not far off and communications were good. Would you also like to submit a review for this item? Such steps not only upset the plans of the military commander but are generally interpreted as signs of weakness, of lack of determination and of loss of confidence in military action. It is an important trade centre in the Punjab withinhabitants, Moslems and Hindus both strongly represented.

Preview — Imperial Policing by Charles W.

What has been gained is perhaps the increased mobility that modern weapons directly or indirectly confer. I have not, therefore, included any example of this type.

The actual timing and arrangements for the arrests seem to have been decided locally.