Mata Kuliah FTA:Mekanika Fluida, Senin Mekanika Fluida Kamaruddin P1=p2=p3 Hukum Hidrostatika • Tekanan oleh suatu kolom fluida . 1 Hidrostatika dan Hidrodinamika 32 F L U I D A Pengertian Fluida. Fluida adalah zat yang dapat mengalir atau sering dis. SOAL LATIHAN MEKANIKA FLUIDA. HIDROSTATIKA (XY adalah 2 NIM terakhir Mahasiswa) Soal 1. Tangki dengan ukuran panjang x lebar x tinggi (LBH) = 3,X.

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Outer layer turbulent shear dominates Assume log-law is valid across entire pipe: Let the pressure in hhidrostatika bend be p and neglecting the internal losses let it be the same at inlet and outlet.

Any air present in the system was allowed to escape by bleeding off some water through bleed valve situtated at the highest point of the 2 in. Fisika – Modul 7 – Mekanika Fluida Documents. The default calculation is for a smooth horizontal pipe carrying water, with answers rounded to 3 significant figures.

Hidrostatika dan Hidrodinamika 32 F L U I D A

Figures 2 and 3 show Eu vs. Theory and Problem of Fluid Dynamic. Note that Dz will be negative if the pipe at B is lower than at A. T his would be thecaseonly if the flkida of contraction for the nozzle Cv was one.

Bila titik Hidrowtatika berada 10 ft diatas n meniskus yang terkoneksi dengan kaki m manometer tentukan. Terdiri dari 2 pipa, yaitu: Additionally, the presence of multiple bodies in relative proximity may incur so called interference drag, which is sometimes described as a component of parasitic drag. Aliran yang dipakai adalah aliran udara dengan kondisi suhu sama dengan soal sebelumnya yaitu 20oC, kerapatan, 1.

Dasar-dasar Perhitungan Aliran Fluida Science.

Mekanika Fluida | Nopi Mania –

One such application is the determination of the force due to the inertia of the fluid when it is suddenly brought to rest. The differences in levelbetween the water surface in the reservoir and the box is 30 ft. Observed lengths of the region of closed streamlines behind a sphere.


The mean superficial velocities is useful when simulating large-scale flow in heat exchangers.

Moody diagram for turbulent fluiad flowComposite Log-Law for smooth and rough pipes is given by the Moody diagram: If the coefficient of velocity for the nozzle is 0. Flulda di dalam modul Mekanika For commercial pipes this is usually a very small number. This table lists the valve and fitting and an associated length of straight pipe of the same diameter, which will incur the same pressure loss as that valve or fitting.

In order to understand this transfer of energy we must have some knowldge of the forces arising from the flow of the fluid past an aerofoil or a hydrofoil. The drag coefficient is defined as: Thus at each end of the bend there will be a force numerically equal to pa but each acting along the center-line of the pipe. Remember me on this computer. Mekanika Fluida Dan Hidrolika The solid line is for a sphere with a smooth surface, while the dashed line is for the case of a rough surface.

One of the many application of the aerofoil is in the design of blades for axial flow pumps and fans the main function of which is to supply energy to the fluid.

Considering again the X and Z components. Of course there would also be pressure losses due to pipe friction, and in the diagram above, the pump would need to produce enough additional fluid head pressure to overcome both the pressure loss due to the change in elevation and the pressure loss due to pipe friction.

Form drag, skin friction and interference drag on bluff bodies are not coined as being elements of “parasitic drag”, but directly as elements of drag. Mekanika hidrosyatika dapat didefinisikan To analyze the natural unsteadiness of the separated flow, around a surface piercing strut, using FFT. However, as speed increases the induced drag becomes much less, but parasitic drag increases because the fluid is flowing more quickly around mekanlka objects increasing friction or drag.


Modul Kuliah Mekanika Fluida 1

Let the pipe diameter be d and the length l. The velocity components are: Let us assume that the level of the liquid in the reservoir falls by an elemental distance dh in an elemental time dt resulting in a dicrese in volume of A dh. However, full supersonic flow over the vehicle will not develop until well past Mach 1. New York Hughes, W.

Bab 7 Mekanika Fluida by Anastasius Hendrian on Prezi

The pressure and the velocity head of the fluid are in effect converted to the equivalent head in height of fluid i. In practice, supersonic flow occurs on bodies traveling well below the speed of sound, as the local speed of air on a body increases when it accelerates over the body, in this case above Mach 1. Let the cross-sectional area of the jet be a and its velocity be v Fig.

The flujda in the flow-field, present in the wake of a lifting body, derive from the turbulent mixing of air of varying pressure on the upper and lower surfaces of the body, which is a necessary condition for the creation of lift.

Head Loss in Fittings is frequently expressed as the equivalent length of pipe that is added to the straight run of pipe as shown below.