The Futaba 9C manual is pages, but don’t let that scare you. The pages contain explanations of each function of the radio, as well as practical examples. So I got a new (to me) 9C Super recently and could have sworn (prior to purchase) that there was an “aftermarket” manual for this that is easier. I have a 9C and I was told there is a manual on-line you can get that explains function beter. I kinda new to the heli R/C. I raced oval cars for.

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View additional setups on the internet: This is accomplished by plugging the desired servo Ex: Use a real email address or you will not be granted access to the site. THe site will be futabarc. Don’t show me this message again.

Note that passwords are case-sensitive. Radios can be purchased for less money, but are sometimes outgrown quickly. View additional model setups on the www.

May also be used creatively to create a delayed servo on a different function see www. It has four buttons and a large rotary dial near the front bottom of the case. There are a variety of reasons you might want to use these mixes.

FUTABA 9 CHP SUPER Instruction Manual

Dual rates affect the control listed, such as aileron, not just a single ex: Return your transmitter to Futaba for service. This function is used to automatically change the trim of a helicopter, for example, when ftaba from hover manuwl flying at high speed. This page in- cludes extensive programming, use, set up and safety information on the 9C super radio system and is updated regularly.


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FUTABA 9CAP Instruction Manual

No more fussing with getting trim in just the right spot for landings or take offs! HELI used to adjust pitch to counter the loss of angle of attack when elevator input is given.

Set up twin elevator servos: For aerobatics, gyros on rudder and elevator fix over-rotation of snaps and spins as well as tail wagging in stall turns. View numerous mix setups: With PCM receivers, radio can go into pre-programmed settings e. Set up programmable mixes ex: This function may be used to adjust the curves manuxl and low side individually for each flight condition normal, idle-up 1, idle-up 2, idle-up 3, throttle hold.

Technical updates and additional programming examples available at:.

Futaba 9C Super aftermarket instruction manual? – RC Groups

Page 9 Adjusting the length of the non-slip control sticks You may change the length of the control sticks to make your transmitter more Stick tip A Locking piece B comfortable to hold and operate. The Normal flight condition is typically utilized for hovering. Application, Export And Modification Prior approval of the appropriate ftuaba authorities may be required.

It follows our basic format of all programming pages: This radio is really maanual to program, even if you mamual not fond of computers.


Enter text from picture: If you must fly away from a club field, be sure there are no other modelers flying within a three-to-five-mile range, or you may lose control of your aircraft or cause someone else to lose control.

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Futaba 9C Radio Transmitter Product Review – 9CH, 9CA

The rotary dial helps you find the function you need, very fast. The features that are identical refer back to the ACRO chapter. If it is not the correct model example: You can select a system with your choice of receiver type: The necessary elevator offset varies with model geometry, so it must be determined by noting collective pitch changes at high speed.

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Each T is actually a two-direction switch. ACRO throttle delay, slows engine servo response to imitate the spool-up action of a turbine engine.

This function defaults to ON. The radio has a really solid feel, and is neither too large nor too small for our average size hands.