phosphate EndoSequence bioceramic sealer and root repair material (Brasseler USA) (Figure 1) were introduced to endodontics, there was much excitement. Introducing a revolutionary premixed and injectable root canal sealer utilizing new bioceramic nanotechnology! EndoSequence BC Sealer’s nano particle size . EndoSequence BC Sealer and Root Repair Material Replacement BC Tips.

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For visualization purposes, the 3D renderings of each tooth was manually aligned and oriented in the same multi-dimensional space and different transfer functions applied to show both the surface of the root and the sealer Figure 1root, black; obturation material, orange. Conclusion The results of this in vitro study show that conventional retreatment techniques are not always able to fully remove all the filling material from the canal; however, the AH Plus group retreated with chloroform had significantly less material remaining than BC Sealer whether or not chloroform was used.

A endsequence 10 Flexofile was used to reconfirm patency. Open in a separate window. A single operator performed all the procedures.

EndoSequence BC Sealer Bioceramic Root Canal Sealing Material Cement Brasseler | eBay

This methodology, which has been successfully used in other studies, allows stepwise assessment by repeated scans of the same root specimen. Obturation of the root canal system. The left-most images are representative 3D renderings of the filled canals, while the adjacent images are the same teeth following retreatment. It is important to understand if these newer sealers are retreatable, especially since these materials are being used routinely in endodontics and could affect periapical healing.


Wndosequence new sealers have been endsoequence in the market; however, the retreatability enosequence some of these sealers is still unknown. We believe this information is important for practitioners especially when they are retreating teeth that have been previously obturated with BC Sealer.

LaCourse3 James D. For subdivision of the root canal into thirds apical, middle, and coronalthe rendered datasets were virtually cut in the horizontal plane such that each third consisted of the exact number of rendered slices. The specimens were longitudinally sectioned and digitized images were taken with the dental operating microscope.

This is an important finding as it correlates to some earlier studies that mention that no technique or solvent was effective in completely cleaning the root canal system during retreatment procedures.

The results of this study demonstrate that the BC Sealer group had significantly more residual filling material than the AH Plus group regardless of whether or not both sealers were retreated with chloroform. A recent study suggested the use of solvents during retreatments as this technique reduced the amount of debris extruded apically and also reduced the time taken to retreat teeth.

Published online Dec 8. Teeth were divided into 4 groups of 14 teeth each:. The scanning parameters for each scan were kept constant: Retreatability of a bioceramic root canal sealing material.

The teeth were further analyzed after micro-CT analysis for residual filling material in the coronal, middle, and apical thirds of the canal. Prognosis of initial endodontic therapy.


Group 1B showed less residual material compared to Group 2B, however, these results were not statistically significant. Find articles by Enrique Oltra.

EndoSequence BC Sealer Bioceramic Root Canal Sealing Material Cement Brasseler

Three-dimensional evaluation of effectiveness of hand and rotary instrumentation for retreatment of canals filled with different materials. Only fully formed apices with a single root canal and a single apical foramen were included.

Han L, Okiji T.

YAG laser and irrigants are used on the dentin surface. Root canal obturation The teeth were randomly divided endoseqkence 2 groups Groups 1 and 2 of 28 each. Another important factor to consider is the concern related to the toxicity of chloroform. The teeth were randomly divided into 2 groups Groups 1 and 2 of 28 each. Please review our privacy policy. Outcome of primary root canal treatment: Hence, the aim of this study was to evaluate the retreatability of two sealers, BC Sealer as compared with AH Plus using micro-computed tomographic micro-CT analysis.

No potential conflict of interest relevant to this article was reported. Introduction The success of nonsurgical endodontic therapy depends on the removal of necrotic and inflamed tissue, microorganisms, and debris from the root canal system and the prevention of recontamination.

Bioactivity evaluation of three calcium silicate-based endodontic materials. Visualization of residual sealer after retreatment.