En Ausencia de Lo Sagrado by Jerry Mander at – ISBN – ISBN – Olaneta – – Softcover. En ausencia de lo sagrado: el fracaso de la tecnología y la supervivencia de los pueblos indígenas. Front Cover. Jerry Mander. Cuatro Vientos, – Indians. : En Ausencia de Lo Sagrado (Spanish Edition) () by Jerry Mander and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible.

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With this book I’m not totally confident in some of the statistics he uses considering that it’s a little outdated, and he considers solar electricity a democratic technic, which it’s absolutely not, but the general ideas I definitely agree with. Oh I think his thesis is that most technology is bad but he didn’t really spell it out in the beginning so I may be wrong. For those interested in going deeper into these topics, we recommend the works by the following authors:.

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David Kubiak, Mander describes how he got into advertising and how he turned it to the service of social causes: Mander goes beyond television which he proclaimed as being dangerous to personal health and sanity in Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television to critique our technological society as a whole, challenge its utopian promises, and track its devastating impact on native cultures worldwide.

The first part extends Mander’s essential premise from Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television that all technological innovations have social and political implications which should be evaluated along with each invention’s purely mechanical uses to other inventions the car, the telephone and the computer being some of his examples and to technology in general. Foundational book, must read for everyone.

But from what I could see he never really talks about how the respect for land and life can be applied in the modern world.

The European group wanted to take over the land that the tribe was on. He claims that they go together. Mander served as the executive director of the International Forum on Globalization, which he founded inuntil and continues on its staff as a Distinguished Fellow. Recommended to Lindsay by: This is only possible if there is openness and willingness for a profound change of attitude in adults from the outset.


What I took away from the book is that as rational beings with the capability of reason, we should take into account the full impact of our activities ausejcia we commit to a course of action.

One thing older books have going for them at least is that the writers didn’t have to worry as much about using some stupid gimmick to make played out ideas more novel. Mander worked with the noted environmentalist, David Brower, managing the Sierra Club’s advertising campaigns to prevent the construction of dams in the Grand Canyon, to establish Redwood National Park, and to stop the U.

Theoretical Foundations In our daily activities with children and other human beings, we are guided by a set of practices consistent with different research and studies.

In reality living in balance with all of nature is preferable than the nightmare that we have created.

In sum, this is a provocative book that pulls back the curtain on a great deal of injustice, inhumanity, and thoughtless action in the name of progress. The functions of every cell of our body, every organ, every tissue also contain this vital manifestation of growing and developing according to its own structure and in interaction with its environment.

Ultimately he realized that these two issues were connected. I recommend the last section on contemporary indigenous struggles. But money is also lost. We have lost our sacred connection to the land and god help us if we can, at this late stage get it back. I mean I can’t explain why I, unlike other advertising men, saw that as a big problem. Nor audencia I get the impression that he was recommending that we should shun advances in medicine, science or technology.

En Ausencia de Lo Sagrado : Jerry Mander :

I think it would be an outstanding achievement for humanity to be born from ,o earth and to move into the stars and to explore the vast unknown abyss. The word games have just gotten more sophisticated in the sense that sophistication has more to do with using ambiguous language so you can bullshit your way out of any criticism than with precision in sharing ideas. In his Four Arguments he wrote: Be the first to ask a question about In the Absence of the Sacred.


Avoid becoming an automated consumer, buying whatever is the latest and greatest. It devolves into journalistic reporting of Mander’s personal adventures with native peoples and plods on with a slow, dry historical recapitulation of how the natives lost their world.

Not too big a deal but I have to question some of his sources.

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The chief replied “if I just told my tribe what to do, I wouldn’t be auesncia leader. And that may be nothing.

Even pointing out that as efficient and earth friendly as thermal heat may be, in Hawaii it is an offense to the Hawaiian people as an affront to Pele, their main goddess. Any interference or stimulation, any act that prioritizes interference in the child’s own learning, will cause great difficulties.

Even today, that view is far from universal and may represent a minority viewpoint, advocated mainly by people who live in Western technological cultures. Refresh and try again. Mander speaks for peace, justice, nature, love, health, the long-term survival of humanity, and a critical deliberation of values, all of which have been silenced in the name of profit and technological progress. But the thing is how do I know he didn’t just ignore any predictions that turned out to be wrong?

Neurobiology, Genetic Psychology and other sciences, contribute to the knowledge of this logic of life in human beings and help us to organize environments prepared for children in their early childhood, facilitating processes of child recovery and family and social reintegration. Oct 23, Ryan Mishap rated it liked it Shelves: Jul 18, Robin Turtle rated it it was amazing.

And that maybe the way of life that’s winning, through force, isn’t the better way. These space communications technologies were invented to provide a competitive edge to the institutions that invented them, and to assist their intended exploitation of nature. Mander earned a B.