Dreamhunter. Fast-paced and dazzlingly imaginative, Dreamhunter will draw the reader into an extraordinary fictional world in which dreams are as vividly. Knox’s (The Vintner’s Luck, for adults) debut for YA readers, the first in the Dreamhunter Duet, recalls Arkady and Boris Strugatsky’s sci-fi. Stephenie Meyer – author of the Twilight Saga Suitable for ages 12+ Fast-paced and dazzlingly imaginative, Dreamhunter will draw the reader.

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I’m finished now and I feel weird.

I found them enjoyable enough – okay. Now, Rose and Laura are fifteen, and they are finally old enough to Try—to find out if they are capable of entering the place and bringing back dreams.

What say there are adventurous and romantic dreams in this place too? Knox’s fascinating story imagines the intersection of a haunting dream-world with a gritty real world.

Dreamhunter Duet – Wikipedia

It took me a few chapters to get into the world and characters but once I did I found myself eizabeth swept away by Laura and her eccentric family, the mysterious convicts and their desperate se I picked this up because its sequel won a Printz honor and a friend said I really needed to read the first book to understand the second which brings up all kinds of Printz eligibility issues I won’t get into here – but feel free to invite drexmhunter out for a drink if you feel like getting all philosophical.

I didn’t feel like I knew the characters and many times found myself having to go back to see who was talking, thinking, “That doesn’t sound like Rose. The discovery of the Place changed the way the people of Founderston lived.


Originally posted to Days of Reading: A mindblowingly original story written by an NZ author – this is well worth recommending to all readers. And the thing I find most interesting is the way this sensuality is transferred over from the animated but unavailable – a man built out of clay and dirt to protect and serve her – into the human, a young dreamhunter named Sandy: I will be doing a video review of this one very soon, so look forward to that!

Dreamhuntsr top of this, I love dreamworking, so I was intensely satisfied with this as a theme. Laura and her cousin Rose are about to Try – a regulated occasion in which hopefuls past the bottom age-limit walk past the boundary marker to see if they remain visible and therefore not eizabeth to enter the Placeor if they disappear into it. A little bit fantasy, a little bit alternate history, a little bit political thriller – not really enough of anything for my taste, but for some reason this book grabbed me and wouldn’t let go.

I’m so conflicted about the ending though. Emotions are real and raw, and the adventure and discovery is fascinating and compelling. I’m eager to read the second part of the “duet.


Dreamhunter first came to my attention when I was talking to “Amy” the YA librarian at my place of employ. Sandy was trying to control his desire, and having dremahunter with it. What do you want your readers to see?

Bird Box Josh Malerman. DNF, just over a hundred pages in.

A Regulatory Body oversees dreamhunters as if they were mundane laborers, maps point out the exact spots in the Place where certain dreams reside, and an industry emerges to sell eager customers the exact dreams they seek. No water flows, and no fire burns. I agree with someone who said it should have been written from one person’s perspective instead of an outside nararrator. When catching a dream together in “The Place” Laura realizes her love for him and they sleep together.


Nov 14, Ariana rated it really liked it. Dreamhunter Elizabeth Knox, Author. Anyway, I’m about a third of the way through so far and it’s getting really intriguing!


In Dreamhunter Laura has to be secretive and lie frequently to her family and friends in order to achieve her plan. Hardcoverpages. Beyond that, they’re completely different. Now it came like sun showers, the sun and the rain together.

Dreamhunter « Elizabeth Knox

Subsequently I went through the library’s listings and reserved every title they had by Knox, because I didn’t want to add her to my very long list of “to-be-read” books, as it’s impossible to tell if I’m ever going to get through that, and books and authors tend to get forgotten there. May 04, actual, literal baba yaga. Sep 13, Meagan rated it it was ok Shelves: She shows this love by doing …more I agree, Laura does love him, but is not in love with him even though he is the quintessential hero figure, is he not?

People travel from all around to experience the benefits of the hunters’ unique visions.