Dark Desiring / Dishonourable Proposal by Jacqueline Baird – book cover, description, publication history. Find Dishonourable Proposal by Jacqueline, Baird at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers. Dishonourable Proposal by Jacqueline Baird released on Mar 25, is available now for purchase.

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Dishonourable Proposal by Jacqueline Baird

Anything you leave I will send on to your apartment,’ and he walked out of the room. You lost me buddy! View all 8 comments. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Then again, this is HPLandia where logic is dangerous and probably illegal. If he really was this caring person then he’d have showed his caring side throughout the affair.

Bt certainly doesn’t feel romantic She met her husband Jim, when she was only eighteen. I’m still not getting how being thought of as basically a prostitute is better than having them realize you have feelings that may not be reciprocated.

I need books where that happens, I just love a tortured H. They still live in Northumbria and have two grown sons. Apr 04, FeliciaKaren rated it really liked it Shelves: What DID work for me: But jacqeuline does hold off and waits until she is an adult before pursuing her, so kudos to you Luke.

Dishonourable Proposal by Jacqueline, Baird

Tbh the heroine was a really confused character! Trivia About Dishonourable Pro Then he makes her move in with him, have lots of sex, buys her lots of clothes, gives her an engagement ring and an engagement party in Venice. Instead of speaking to her, two years later he bids on a charity date, wins, and tries to rape her. I didn’t like the abruptness of the wedding though. She goes and yells at the H about how he is a dishonourable, lyin’ cheating slime jacquelkne parasite pustule who carried on with the wife of his supposedly good friend for years, then seduced his daughter and proposed to cover his affair up.


This isn’t JB’s best blackmail book, it is still early HP outing days for her at this point, but it does finally provide an answer bajrd to why HP H’s don’t date.

Dec 05, Allison rated it liked it.

Dishonourable Proposal

I also didn’t care for the threatened violence throughout. But when the h’s father remarried to the prerequisite evil Step Mother that the h did not get along with and who made the h’s father sell the h’s beloved country family home, the H tried to pro;osal the situation over.

Which is the h’s childhood home that the H bought from her father when he married the jcaqueline step-mother because the h loved it and the father wanted to dump bad memories – the H even sold his own childhood home when he bought it. He was delicious hero and made this an enjoyable read. She visits a gym twice a week now and has made the surprising discovery that she gets some good ideas while doing the mind-numbingly boring exercises on the cycling and weight machines.

Your purchase also supports literacy charities.

He courts her from afar until she becomes legal. Feb 09, Aarann rated it liked it Shelves: Jan 27, Tia rated it really liked it. She found out that he was lying to her view spoiler [ Or WAS he? I really liked the book and the besotted H and by God, was he besotted!


Jake lowered his body on to the bed, trapping her slender body with his own. On leaving school she joined the civil service in the then Post Office department. The H claims he never slept with the step-mother – maybe she heard something that night and was trying to make mischief, but he did wind up with her at a ski lodge one weekend on a group trip. From a year romance collection. Sure he’s bought her childhood home when she was 15 and didn’t tell her but this is all sweet until The hero goes into I love alpha logic, I really do.

So to solve this unfortunate dilemma, they allow the hero to abuse them, degrade them, subject them to public scorn and ridicule, and in some cases force them into selling their bodies. The h never mentioned the incident to the H, but she figured she was being duped as a blind for an affair between the H and her step-mother and she would be willing to face the heat death of the universe rather than admit she got her heart totally broken and all other men were ruined for her from then on.

They are so damn sexy! The H, who is a big time conservative banker, has controlling interest in the firm and the proxy to vote the h’s now ex-stepmother’s shares she won in the divorce, offers the h a proposal.