Digitech Studio Vocalist Manual Pdf manual digitech manual download digitech rp80 manual schematics user guide digitech rp7 valve user. Get started with these famous tones by connecting your GSP or RP unit to your Mac or PC. Visit our software page if you don’t have the sound librarian installed . Digitech RP 1 Guitar Effects Processor/Controller and Preamp Owner’s Manual Picture, Brand: Digitech Model: RP File Format: PDF. Service Manual Details.

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Digital delay is fantastic, separate preamp volume and gain controls are magnificent. Ultimate Reverb is Digitech’s name for the reverb with the most complex set of parameters — 11 digigech all.

One practical consideration when programming the RP1 is to remember that you have level controls for the amount of signal triggering each effect as well as a digital mixer at the end of the chain.

All user reviews for the DigiTech RP1

The Knight Level 3 Expert Answers. Summary Negative points on the RP1 are relatively few, though I feel the manual could have been a little more sympathetic towards hi-tech newcomers. As you’d expect from a unit of this calibre, a speaker simulator output is available to facilitate a ‘miked-up’ guitar sound direct into the mixing desk.

For example, you may have a song that uses patches 21, five, and 70 in that order; these can be assigned to Set 1, switches 1, 2 and 3 for quick recall. Through a studio setup with the outputs taken directly to a desk’s line inputs, the overdrive sound is not quite as impressive but is certainly usable.


Have a Digitech Vocalist II that stopped reading the midi chords transmitted by my keyboard. A ‘Set’ is a series of patches assigned to switches in the order that you want them to appear; there are ten sets available.

Analogue circuitry provides compression, distortion, graphic equalisation and noise gating, while digital circuitry takes care of the delay, modulation and reverb effects. The seven-band graphic EQ made my Strat sound really sweet with some bass boost and a little cut at 1 kHz — I was impressed!

Solve Digitech RP1 problem

In addition, exchange and backup between 2 presets are provided RP1, easy and useful. If you’re a little more adventurous with the RP1, you can take advantage of the patch recall Sets I mentioned a moment ago. Both mono and stereo outputs are available, and for recording purposes, you can simply connect the two outputs to the desk line inputs.

Please double check your pump and visit: Checked midi cords, all settings keyboard and harmonizer.

Everything is programmable 75 presets via a screen ergonomic enough. Please include your email address if you want to be contacted regarding your note.

The Digitech RP1 hides both digital and analogue guitar effects behind its pedal-board style exterior, for the best of both worlds, and adds MIDI into the bargain. In fact the configurations all begin with Compression followed by Distortion, Equalisation and then Noise Gate.

Digitech RP-1 Owner’s Manual

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I wanted a sturdy multi-effects box that I could kick around a little. You could also use this function in the studio to change programs on effects units if your hands are busy on the console. Effects that are not part of the program in this example modulation mahual delay are dead switches so you can’t accidentally turn them on either — another nice practical touch. The top row of six switches is numbered 6, 7, 8, 9 and zero, with the last of the six having a dual function as program or Set of programs recall.


Max ms – Ultimate Reverb: The simulator output is diigtech and will therefore affect the output equalisation for all the sound patches. Log in Become a member. With the upsurge in the use of MIDI devices on stage, the capabilities of this unit in that direction for external device control will also be appealing to the modern guitarist, while the studio or session player will find the RP1 both versatile and portable; although the idea of combining analogue distortion with digital effects is not new, the RP1 provides by far the most versatile overdrive sound I’ve heard from this style of processor.

Mechanical and electronic high quality, a true American-made tank. John Hornby Skewes, Contact Details. It’s better to cut the decay time down on the next program you move to rather than get rid of it altogether, or find a point in the music where the decay has died enough to give you a smooth change of program.

The reverb in turn can be fed with varying amounts of the dry, chorused, delayed signal, or a combination of all three. Previous Article in this issue Special FX.