Thumbnail for Roberto Alcazar y Pedrin was selling ,00 copies a week. The series was originally called Roberto Alcázar, el intrépido aventurero español. fanzines y publicaciones pulp fiction dispuestos para su descarga libre y gratuita, muchos TEBEOS ANTIGUOS-ROBERTO ALCAZAR Y PEDRIN- RAFAEL. Roberto Alcázar y Pedrín, de Eduardo Vañó. ideas about Comic Book Covers. roberto alcazar y pedrin, anys Comic Book CoversComic BooksAdventure.

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Western adventures featuring Native American hero. Published by Ediciones Toray, Barcelona. El Tesoro del Pirata ‘Ke-Ko’.

Published by Editorial Toray, Barcelona. Published by Exclusivas Graficas Ricart, Madrid. Durga-Rani El Peneca Little stories for little people, almost fairy tales.

Sort of the Spanish Flash Gordon. Jeque Blanco 04 Ladrones de diamantes Uploaded: As additional appeal, the words to 3 popular songs are included, plus a photo of the artist on the back page. Series started in and each issue is a self-contained S. Plus, we also hold roberrto large and growing selection of comic strips and pulp fiction.


Aquellos inolvidables tebeos

Featuring, “The Terrible Invisible Power”. Spanish masked hero in robdrto tradition of The Phantom. The Bat is an early masked mystery man comic from Spain. Published by Editorial Valenciana, Valencia. Published by Ediciones Hispano Americana, Barcelona. If you have come to this site to find pirated or illegal material, you will be disappointed!

Published by, Editorial Maga, Valencia.

Jack y Dolly 14 – El fumadero de opio Uploaded: Published by Graficas Munoz, Hospitalet, Spain. An early example of historical adventures, in this case the middle ages, featuring pedrjn masked hero who was done down by the crown. Pacho Dinamita 15 El boxeador asesino Uploaded: Pimpinela 27 – David y Goliat.

Capitan Trueno, El Aventuras de Buffalo Bill 31 Momentos de angustia Uploaded: Published by Editoria Grafidea, Barcelona. Published by Editorial Garga, Valencia, Spain. Landscape weekly published by Exclusivas Gerpla, Barcelona.

Spanish Language Books

The robberto series of these weeklies ran from – Portrait format Spanish comic published by Ediciones Toray, Barcelona. If you suspect that any of our content may be infringing copyright, then please use our contact page to let us know. Younger girl readers landscape title. With thanks to and courtesy of: Originally an Italian striscia, this was reprinted in larger form in Spain.


Published by Editorial Maga. Comic book version of the classic heroes. Los Vampiros del Aire 02 – Al borde de la muerte Uploaded: As de Espadas, El El Poder Invisible 27 – La mujer invisible Uploaded: En Busca de Aventuras Classic series of Spanish landscape comics in the series, “Colleccion Grafica de Biblioteca de la Risa.

So we can investigate further. Editorial Marco, Barcelona to mid ‘s?

Spanish Language Books – Comic Book Plus

Ricardo Manteca y Jorgito Apuros 09 Uploaded: Hispano Americana de Ediciones, Barcelona. Published by Ameller, Barcelona. Published by Impresos Cosmos, Valencia, Spain.