The Exemplars of Evil supplement shows Dungeon Masters how to construct villains of various levels that can be easily incorporated into any D&D campaign. 17 items Complete list of all D&D spells, rulebooks, feats, classes and more! Feats in Exemplars of Evil. ‹‹ previous 1 next ›› (total 17 items). Items per page. 17 items Feat name, Short description, Rulebook. Beloved of Demons, The tanar’ri reward you with unholy vitality whenever you defeat Exemplars of Evil.

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This is weaksauce bullshit, and frankly, a copout on the part of the writers.

Feats in Exemplars of Evil – D&D Tools

Since it’s a Phantasm, their mind is literally changed to fill any logical holes in the story. Your money is better off spent elsewhere, and kept WELL away from this book.

If the target fails his Fort save, he takes -4 Dex and his movement rates start to drop. Okay, I have to admit, this is a damn cool spell. They can come up with motivations and plans just fine. If you’re a melee bard, or a paladin who values effectiveness over not being disgusting, you can gib your enemies to sicken everybody within 30′ for a round.

Wizards of the Coast. A number of the tips here are actually useful, especially for a recurring villain, or better, the hidden or not so hidden villain who appears to be a good guy. The real end result of the curse is that there’s a villain who flips back and forth randomly between wannabe-hero and villain, and yet manages to not be memorable or inspiring at all.

Exemplars of Evil

And every time you kill a lawful or good creature, you’re rwarded with half your level in temporary HP. Finally, something you can trade Trapfinding for. He’s made sympathetic because he’s an exile from his own people, the Githyanki, because he didn’t want to become food for the lich-queen upon hitting level Robert Schwalb is one exekplars those writers I have been following for a while and really enjoying his books.


NinjaDebugger ninjadebugger wrote, – 09 – d&x We will log you in after post We will log you in after post We will log you in after post We will log you in after post We will log you in after post Anonymously. Apparently just having Villain status is sufficient to give you a boatload of lackeys, if you’re powerful, charismatic, or both.

Well, except to monsters with Improved Grab. The brief that Schwalb received for this project included a selection of nine archetypical villains, which he, Eytan BernsteinCreighton BroadhurstSteve KensonKolja Raven Liquetteand Allen Rausch were assigned to develop into exfmplars interesting and compelling villains.

Exemplars of Evil

In another instance I heard that he actually had a player complain about his gaming being a little too graphic. Doesn’t actually require evil alignment, or a conspiracy, this is a valuable PC feat, and the only really worthwhile Ceremony feat ever printed. Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: What art do you like from Exemplars of Evil?

Emmara Ishandrenn An absolutely uninspired antipaladin, Emmara didn’t even have the common decency to fall properly. Hero-made villains, villainous servants, villainous patrons, and allies in disguise. I should not need to explain why this is fucking amazing. Aside from that, though, this is actually a decent villain, a somewhat sympathetic evil necromancer lich.

Frankly, most villains are better off using the rebuke attempts to fuel divine feats. It is the how to do this stuff yourself. Don’t ask me why, if you’re the sort of person exemplarss have Improved Crit and 2d6 or more Sneak Attack, you would sacrifice your delicious extra damage for a shitty short-duration debuff.

Oh hey, Deliquiescence is back! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As an immediate action, a 1 round duration Will Negates debuff is There are many archetypes and each one is very nicely described. Too bad the writers couldn’t be bothered to actually write a worthwhile story. The monster reaching out of exempllars cover is probably supposed to be a lich, but frankly, it fails entirely at being menacing or even impressive.


Exemplars of Evil: ninjadebugger

That mission is to re-assert the old 2e orc alignment of Lawful Evil. That is to say, they get the budget version of Telepathic Bond. Anyway, you get the Extraplanar subtype, your home plane changes to the Nine Hells, and you get one of two infernal gifts. If you’re evil, and take a crappy prereq feat, and take weapon focus, you can spend another feat to break Polymorph.

Each round he continues to fail his fort save, the penalties exemlars in an arithmetic progression, until he either hits 0 Dex or makes a Fort save, or the duration expires. But there are going to be DMs who want the extra help or can find ways to use this to enhance their game. THen you’re just screwed.

Valbryn herself is decidedly uninteresting, but her companion villain, Thaden Felstorm, is what Emmara should have been. Frankly, this should have been turned around, allowing a PC to soak negative levels for the rest of the party. These tips, though, are mostly useful for any NPC that you want to stand out from the crowd, not just villains, so it should be standard DMG material.

If you really feel like stripping PCs of the hard earned benefits of those ceremony feats, teamwork benefits, and group affiliations, you can do it temporarily with this pretty fucking terrible spell. This is a pretty basic guideline, and I hope this entire section, though it’ll have to change mechanically, makes it into the 4e DMG.

Monday, 10th September, Exemplras you take the time to cast it, you get unlimited use for one round per caster level, otherwise it’s a oneshot. Blessing of the Godless: