Items 1 – 30 of CS Unitec manufactures pneumatic, electric and hydraulic power tools for the construction industry. We are an Authorized CS Unitec. Ohio Power Tool carries CS Unitec tools and accessories. From circular saws and grinders to sanding belts and polishers, find the Unitec power tools you need !. CS UNITEC Model HB Hydraulic Magnetic Drill – Parts Price List Product Group: A Effective: 8/18/ Not responsible for typographical.

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Model F FRD includes: Spade below or D-handle right available. Mix up to pounds.

Manual activation is also available. Exhaust Air Outlet 3 3 3. Integrated Submersible Sump Pump with Replaceable Filter Sleeve Powerful, robust operation has a flow rate of coj gallons per minute at level and a maximum water lift of 18 feet.

CS Unitec Products

Drill bits are easily changed without the need of a special tool. Page 33 Core Drilling Machines and Accessories Also, the EBS has a removable pricelisy dust guard for finishing concrete floors into the corners and edges. Csunihec CS saves time and money, benefiting both dom environment and your bottom line.

Power Assist The Power Assist is a standard capstan, designed with delayed torque transfer. No other drill in its class is so light and powerful. The oil flow control is self regulating. A Tormek Sharpening System That”s also a the water cooled grinding wheel sharpens blades High-density HD dual-coil magnets are wound in two circles to increase the surface area and density of the magnetic field.


Rig-mounted up to 6″ dia. Page Annular Cutters Slurry Filter Bag — Captures concrete slurry and allows the water to pass through the porous wall of the bag into the tank.

grinding system machine for stone

Included Visit our Web site at www. Paddle pair for EZR 21 S: The ergonomically designed tool reduces user fatigue.

Our extra-thick saw blades resist bending and cut pipe at right angles with a pipe clamp. Slurry and debris are captured in a co, filter bag — clean water flows into tank and can be cycled in a continuous loop or pumped out of the area. Stainless steel canister can either be dom above or lifted out of cart below. This unit offers the unique advantage of wet and dry core drilling with the same machine.

This is an ideal tool for professional renovation. With a geared chuck adapter Part No. Electromagnetic Pulse Filter Cleaning System vibrates both filters to remove dust. The dust guard is vertically adjustable and connects directly to a standard vacuum hose. Stands are available as anchor base or with vacuum base to handle all types of dom. A dust exhaust attachment is available for connecting to a vacuum for dust-free drilling. Tap collet priccelist included Standard equipment includes carrying case, tap collet set, safety chain, carabin hook and allen keys.

Polyester Filters — Washable and Reusable Csuniec time and money — no need to carry spares. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Keeps work site clean and traps slurry for easy waste disposal.


Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications such as hospitals, office buildings, factories, patios and more. Determine the Depth of Cut in inches.

It is compact, lightweight and heavy duty. A powerful motor allows mixing of up to pounds of high viscosity materials ranging from epoxy, mortars, plasters and cement to quartz-containing resins and flooring compounds, as well as insulation and other materials.

Removable front dust guard Standard Equipment includes: Plastic Filter Bag — Holds more than 20x the amount of concrete dust collected by paper filter bags. Visit our Web site at www. For use in underwater air tools.

Rig with motor weighs only 49 lbs. This eliminates downtime and costly repairs.

Multi-purpose Beveling Machine – CS Unitec Pages 1 – 4 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

Modern Machine Shop Grinding Equipment. This prevents the concrete from hardening in the tank. Our complete saw line includes pneumatic- electric- and hydraulic-powered tools, saw blades and accessories, all available for prompt delivery.

The CS Vacuum features: