Corsair has a reputation to deliver products in the somewhat more high-end Their first ever PC chassis is called the Obsidian D, and it is. Corsair – Obsidian Series D ATX Full Tower Case. ( Average / 15 Ratings ) Specifications. Manufacturer. Corsair. The first images of the much anticipated Corsair Obsidian Series D chassis appeared just before CeBit and the case was promised to.

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External Impressions Page 3: You can find products similar to this one for sale below. They are also a leader in recommended power supplies to new builders.

Back in the Roman Empire, if a person discovered some sort of mineral they would call him Obsius, it nearly forms the name of today’s tested product. Since CES 09 we have been seeing videos and leaked images, as well as a couple reviews, all of which looked gorgeous to me obsodian.

Corsair Obsidian 800D Full Tower Chassis

Corsair has paired the kit with t Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon UK’s website. Internal Impressions Page 4: Ever since my first set of DDR value ram, I knew they were a quality company. So when the Obsius found a, usually black or banded, hard volcanic glass that displays shiny, curved surfaces when fractured and is formed by rapid cooling of lava — it was called The noobish mistakes I made with voltage and timings should have killed that PC, but it faired very well through all the abuse I gave it.


And sure, here’s a teaser Corsair has been hard at work developing a new chassis from the ground up that was aimed at computer enthusiasts from the second they started drawing up plans for the perfect computer case.

SSD, yes the MP is ready to be locked and loaded into your M2 slot, and this round you’re going to see some staggering Taking this giant step onto the scene with their first chassis design, Corsair had already set the quality bar pretty high with many of their other products, so they wanted to make sure this carries on to all pieces of their product line.

Installing The Hardware Page 5: I really haven’t had this much fun in a long time building a PC, so let’s head on over to the next page and start up the review.

The Obsidian D Case Page 2: Happy New Year from Guru3D.

Let’s sift through the specs and get down to the basics and see if Corsair passes all the tests. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon’s website. Today we got a good look obsodian the Obsidian D full tower chassis from Corsair, which they were nice enough to send along a little early.

The Corsair Obsidian D might be a massive full ATX tower chassis, but it was designed to be a well functioning chassis. Corsair went into great depth to explain the cooling zones and directed airflow they used in this case, so rather than trying to explain it to you, here is what Corsair has to say about the cooling zones shown in the image above.

View this thread in our forums! All black cases hold a special place in my heart already, but I am looking at this chassis through my own eyes this time and get a real chance to see what all the hype is about.


So today we’ll build us a nice PC based on that Obsidian series D chassis. And you know what?

Corsair Obsidian Series D ATX Chassis Review – Legit ReviewsThe Obsidian D Case

Their first ever released chassis is called the Obsidian D, and it is without any shame I dare to state that this is among the best ever PC cases I personally have ever tested. Of course Corsair designs and builds other things aside from memory.

For a long time Corsair has been able to sit on the sidelines and ponder ideas, as well as seeing others fail and succeed with what innovations have already been placed into chassis design. The Obsidian D Case Corsair has been hard at work developing a new chassis from the ground up that was aimed at computer enthusiasts from the second they started drawing obsiidian plans for the perfect computer case.

Corsair Obsidian D Review | TechPowerUp

As such, Corsair went on a quest to fight off other ships — they went through rough waters and then came back with an extreme design, near perfect full tower chassis. Yes, this chassis is marvellous. Yes Sir, Corsair did their homework to give their first ever chassis some mystic flair.