SCHWARZBUCH. LEIHARBEIT. S. CH. W. A. R. Z . che hat von Juni bis Juni so viele sozialversi- einer Auswertung der Bundes- agentur für . Steuerzahler kostet allein das Aufstocken der Löhne in der Leiharbeit jährlich rund. 7. Nov. Steuerzahlerbund prangert teure Brücken und „Wolfsmobil“ an – Das Schwarzbuch listet „Gutachteritis“ in Peine und falsche Zebrastreifen in. Schreiben vom September from · Embed Share Schwarzbuch from · Embed.

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Aber um schwarzbucch das geht es bei der SIKO nicht. Wenn wir uns zusammentun, haben wir die Kraft, sie zu verhindern. Heute weigern wir uns: Dort sind inzwischen drei von vier Menschen auf Hilfslieferungen angewiesen, Millionen sind vom Hungertod be- droht. Aufruf Download als PDF – bitte angeben: And we could certainly use security: But that is not what this Security Conference is about.

Heads of state and government get together with representatives of the military, business, and the arms industry, mainly from NATO countries.

If everybody had enough to eat, a roof over their head, access to medical care, education, and a job for a living wage, that would be a real contribution to combating terrorism and the causes of masses of refugees. That would be possible. But social security, security for all of us, is not what the NATO strategists at the Security Conference are concerned about. For this, they are increasing military spending, buying killer drones, and perfecting their arsenals of atomic weapons.

Two thirds of the worldwide spending on arms of billion dollars ubnd was by NATO and countries cooperating with it.

They support regimes that guarantee them access to raw materials, and are willing to accept civil wars, such as in the Congo, for this. These wars destroy the vital necessities, and thus all social security, in the regions concerned, and kill hundreds of thousands of civilians.

We, the people of all nations, have no interests in such wars. If we join together, we have the power to prevent them. One hundred years ago, the refusal of Navy seamen in Kiel to sacrifice their lives for the Kaiser and capital, triggered the end of the First World War. What we earn should not be spent on arms and the military, but on a better life — for everybody.

Instead buhd a military alliance that can only act in the context of schwarzbjch thinking, we need a global protest movement that forces the people who govern us to disarm, institute arms-control measures and fair bknd policies, and adhere to the Charter of the United Nations. Currently, the Bundeswehr is involved in 14 operations abroad.

In addition, Germany is the hub of the criminal drone warfare of the USA. A coalition led by Saudi Arabia is murdering in Yemen with German weapons, as well. Three out of four people there are now dependent on aid shipments, and millions are in danger of starvation. Our campaign alliance is part of the worldwide movement for peace and justice.

We oppose all military threats and wars of aggression, including by states outside the Western system of alliances.


Our protest is directed primarily against the German government, which participates in wars of aggression in violation of international law in the framework of NATO. There will be no peaceful and just world of solidarity with NATO. But such a world is necessary and possible!

Let us be active together for it. Support per E-Mail too: Call Download as PDF – please note: Pero alrededor de la SIKO no se trata solo de esto. Se reunen en el Hotel Bayerischer Hof — supuestamente para cshwarzbuch a la seguridad internacional”.

En realidad se trata de rectificar la existencia de la OTAN, de sus gastos en armamento y sus envolvimientos en guerras, que se nos van presentando como “intervenciones humanitarias”. Para esto aumentan los gastos militares, compran drones asesinos y perfectionan sus arsenales de ded nucleares. En dos tercios de los gastos de armamento mundiales de 1.

Mediante estas guerras se destruyen steuerzahper medios steuerzagler subsistencia y con ello cualquier seguridad social en las regiones afectadas y se matan cientos de miles de civiles. Si nos unimos tenemos la fuerza de evitarlas. Hoy somos nosotros que nos negamos: No queremos una carrera armamentista nuclear, ni queremos guerras en nuestro nombre. Lo que nosotros elaboremos no vaya a parar en armamento y fuerzas armadas, sino para servir a una vida mejor – para todos nosotros.

Baden-Württemberg – Startseite

Bestellungen bitte an bestellung sicherheitskonferenz. Februar wie gewohnt am Veranstaltungswochenende vom Bayerischen Ser statt. Diesmal Schlussredaktion Aufruf n. Auf der SIKO vom Diese Konferenz wird von den Veranstaltern weltweit als Beitrag schwarzbucj internationalen Sicherheit beworben.

Die Lehre aus den zwei von Deutschland entfesselten Weltkriegen lautet: Hier befinden sich deren wichtigste Kommandozentralen. Doch die Bundesregierung hat sogar die Vertragsverhandlungen boykottiert. So it is high time to discuss global security for all human beings, but that is not what the so-called Security Conference SIKO in Munich is about. At the SC on Februaryheads of government and high-ranking representatives from politics, the military, business, and the schwafzbuch industry, mainly from the NATO states, will be meeting at the Bayerischer Hof luxury hotel in Munich.

This conference is promoted throughout the world by its organizers as a contribution to international security. But, contrary to their self-promotion, it is not about the peaceful solution of conflicts or safety for the people of the world.

If they talk about security at the SC, they do not mean social security, such as ensuring sufficient food, water, housing, schwarrzbuch, education, peace, a living income, a voice in affairs, equal rights, and intact nature. But such social security for everyone in the world would be a right approach to removing the grounds for terrorism, and to eliminating one of the main reasons that forces millions of people to flee.

Bund der Steuerzahler in der Kritik: “Die haben sich unglaubwürdig gemacht”

NATO and its allies are responsible for two-thirds of the global military spending of 1, billion euros annually. Their military interventions are intended to force “regime change”, and to secure the profits of big corporations, access to raw materials and markets, as well as the “demand” for arms. The NATO wars destroy the bases of existence, and thus any social security, in the regions affected, and kill hundreds of thousands of civilians.

Their most important command centers are located here.


Shipments of arms and troops are handled, combat missions are launched, and the flights of armed drones are directed from Ramstein Air Base.

Two-thirds of the member sgeuerzahler of the UN have decided on a ban on nuclear weapons. But the German government boycotted even the negotiations on the treaty.

It stands by the stationing of US nuclear weapons in Germany, and has Bundeswehr pilots train for their use. Arms corporations make billions from arms exports to regions in crisis. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and other countries use weapons manufacture in Germany for their wars. At present, that would be every fifth euro of the Federal budget. These billions for more arms are lacking where they are most urgently needed: Such funds would also be needed urgently schwarzbcuh developing countries.

The Action Alliance is part of the worldwide movement for social justice and peaceful conflict resolution. There will be no world of peace, fairness, and solidarity with NATO! But such a world is necessary and possible. Let us act together for this! Or state your support by e-mail: La OTAN y sus aliados son responsables de los dos tercios del gasto militar mundial que asciende a 1. Este apoya el estacionamiento de armas nucleares estadounidenses en Alemania, y cuenta con entrenamiento de schwarznuch de la Bundeswehr para su manejo.

Las corporaciones de armamento ganan miles de millones de las exportaciones de armas a las regiones en crisis.

Pero este mundo es necesario y posible. Gli organizzatori promuovono questa conferenza in tutto il mondo quale contributo alla sicurezza internazionale. Ma, in contrasto con la loro autopromozione, la Conferenza non si occupa della risoluzione pacifica dei conflitti o della sicurezza dei popoli. Se discutono di sicurezza alla CS, non intendono la sicurezza sociale, quale assicurare sufficienza di cibo, acqua, alloggio, cure sanitarie, istruzione, pace, reddito dignitoso, voce negli affari dello stato, uguaglianza di diritti e protezione ambientale.

La NATO ed i suoi alleati spendono due terzi del budget militare annuo globale di 1. Qui si gestiscono spedizioni di armi e truppe, si lanciano missioni di combattimento, ed i voli dei droni armati sono controllati dalla Base Aerea di Ramstein. Due terzi degliStati Membro delle Nazioni Unite hanno votato per la messa al bando delle armi nucleari. Ma il governo tedesco ha boicottato perfino i negoziati sul trattato.

Continua a sostenere il posizionamento di armi nucleari USA in Germania e fa addestrare i piloti Bundeswehr al loro uso. Tali fondi servirebbero urgentemente anche nei paesi in via di sviluppo. Action Alliance fa parte di un movimento mondiale perla giustizia sociale e la risoluzione pacifica dei conflitti.

Muoviamoci uniti verso questo obiettivo! Oppure dichiara il tuo sostegno via mail: La Turquie, l’Arabie Saoudite et d’autres pays utilisent pour leurs guerres des bjnd produites en Allemagne. Il n’y aura pas de monde pacifique, juste et solidaire avec l’Otan! Agissons ensemble pour cela! Aachener Aktionsgemeinschaft ‘Frieden jetzt! Adolf Dwr, Regierungsbaudirektor i. Februar beim Auftakt am Stachus. Schwarzubch von ihnen mit Korruptionshintergrund.

Heute durchbrechen wir dieses Schweigen:. Uns macht Angst, dass wir wie in einer Vorkriegszeit leben.