This is to ensure the intended name is approved by SSM. For each name search, application is via Form 13A and fee of RM Result for the application will be. SSM e-Info Services is an Internet based service to provide search and purchase of registered company (ROC) and business (ROB) information online. This is. Sep 19, TINGKAT 17, MENARA SSM Bersama-sama ini disertakan Borang 13A untuk carian nama berikut: . MENARA SSM Telefon:

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Right after receiving Form 9, company must lodge the boraang incorporation documents and hold its first board of director botang. Puncak Semangat Sdn Bhd, Page 66 of This document is intended. In the window that pops up, select the location you want to save the receipt at.

Onboarding is completed by the new or returning employee. We, the several persons whose names and addresses are subscribed hereunder being subscribers hereby agree to the foregoing Articles of Association.

SMEinfo | Checklist

In the calendar that pops up, select the witness s birth date. Puncak Semangat Sdn Bhd, Page 52 of All the requirements of 1a Companies Act, and of the Companies Regulations in respect of matters precedent to swm registration of the Company and incidental to its registration have been complied with.

From the City drop down list, select the 133a of the address. Select the state for your address from the State drop down list. Upon selection, an empty field appears next to the ID Number field. Your subscription information is listed, displaying subscription start date and end date, and the amount that was paid for the subscription. Optional In the Business Code 2 field, enter the business code for the company.


Puncak Semangat Sdn Bhd, Page 88 of Enter your office phone number in the Office Phone Number field. The registered office of the company will be situated in Malaysia. You can only proceed with the transaction by marking the terms and conditions checkbox.


Please boranng availability with your. Name of Company I, ………………………………. Select “Internet Options” by clicking “Tools” on your browser’s toolbar. Section 3 of the Trust Companies Act stipulates that any public company incorporated in Malaysia.

If you need to add new promoters to the company, in the Promoter name field, enter the name of the first promoter. Name of contact person and company who lodged this document Address of contact person or company who lodged this document Tel No. If you choose to pay using credit card: Using the system 1. To record the appointment of the first directors.

To get more targeted content, please make full-text search by clicking here. Coventry Health Care, Inc. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

Maklumat lanjut layari Reject Ss, carian nama tidak dapat dipertimbangkan. You can select either to pay through a credit card, FPX or through Maybank2u. Sample of completed Form PNA In the calendar that pops up, select your birth date. FermiWorks is a one-stop shop for all of your human More information.


The first release of the warehouse contains. FermiWorks New Employee Onboarding The information you have entered will appear in the Form 13A image at the bottom of the window. Upon successful FPX payment, the following page displays.

The Implementation of SSM Enterprise Gateway (MyCoID) With Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM)

The following page opens. At this juncture, please make sure that your browser allows for pop-up. A copy of the identity card of each director and company secretary. Maklumat lanjut layari 5.

Who can use Agent Portal? How to Edit the Existing or Enter New Witnesses Details By default, as the company secretary for this company, you are the witness for this new incorporation. All completed processes will have the Completed icon.

Click the Calendar icon next to the Declaration Date field. If the name you searched is similar to names that have been registered, you will see the following message. Repeat Steps 20 to 25 for subsequent promoters. Click the Click to Subscribe button.

Enter address, click Agree and Continue button. Puncak Semangat Sdn Bhd, Page 37 of In this instance, your application will be rejected as it imitates a registered name. Puncak Semangat Sdn Bhd, Page 53 of This brief training document will provide an overview of the application process and show you new. Enter the answer to your security question. Trade marks registration provides for: