V2 Users Manual Feb Short Hand for this Manual – life will be Overview of the RangThe Boomerang Phrase Sampler is essentially a. Phrase Sampler. User’s Manual. Version 1. Boomerang Musical Products. PO Box Dallas, TX Phrase Sampler. User’s Manual. Boomerang Musical Products PO Box Dallas, TX

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Placing the Rang after other effects processors allows for the maximum flexibility. Leave thethrough signal enabled and begin playing; this creates an unusual reversed slap-back echoeffect. The foot roller becomes the delay level when used like this.

In all of thesecases once will turn on to let you know this is the last time through your loop. If someone broke into my house, forget the gun, Phrxse could probably whack him over the head pjrase the thing and then jam while I wait for the cops to come.

Until recently Rangs came with 2 x op amps and manuxl x My musical style is wide ranged, although I play mostly blues,rock, reggae rock, punk, jazz. All are musically related to “normal” speed. There are a couple of modes for moving between the loops. The two loops aredifferent.

I am that in love with this product. Also, my power supply went bust and I contacted Mike the owner!!!! If it saysthen it’s got to be replaced if you want the new software.


OUT jacks are permanently set for operation at dBu and are compatible with moststandard consumer audio equipment. During playback, play will be on and record will blink at the beginning ofeach pass through the loop. Do not return the unit to the dealer, but ship it directly to us. I can honestly say that if my boometang got lost, stolen, broke, whatever Try the different decay rates; the slapback setting is particularly cool. Boomerang Phrase Sampler Review. Retrieved from ” http: If your amp has an effects loop, you may get better sound byplugging your instrument directly into the amp and connecting the effects send to the INjack and the effects return to the OUT jack.

Now you can be stacking additional parts and freely reverse direction or go into play once mode. Phease changea parameter, 1 enter program mode, 2 make changes then 3 exit program mode. How to change modes is explained inProgramming Modes Program Mode 1. Our telephone is or ; our fax is ; ouremail is mnelson boomerangmusic.

Boomerang Phrase Sampler 2.0 Features

How the Buttons WorkWhile most of the functions provided by the Rang are fairly obvious, it is helpful todescribe each button’s behavior in some detail as there are several hidden features youwill want to know about.

I believe for me it is a great practicing and jamming tool. For what I use the Boomerang for it is awesome, I was inspired to get one when I saw my buddy use his and was blown away. One mode, called AB1, smoothly transitions to loop B, plays it once, then goes back to playing loop A, all with one button press.


In particular, the order of button presses alters some of thefunctions, and a brief read through the descriptions may save you some time. Record a part that is just aseries of one-strum chords that you let ring out.


Boomerang Phrase Sampler Features

I am an engineer and I am pretty impressed with this thing. There is no hard limit to the number of parts that can be added in this manner, in fact awhole song can be created in just a few minutes by stacking on asmpler parts, one by one. If DIRECTION is pressed so reverse is on before recordingbegins, a special continuous-reverse mode will be entered where the Rang is continuallyrecording new sounds while simultaneously playing the previously recorded sounds inreverse.

Experiment tofind what works best for you. Record the portion of thesong you want to work on.

The following words referto the 5 gray buttons: The interval that the sound drops can be changedfrom an octave to a lower 2nd, 4th, 5th or 7th. Playback tempo is slowed similarly to the current software.