Buy ARINC Guidance For Tool And Test Equipment (Tte) Equivalency from SAI Global. mended in the amm, equivalency must be established by following the detailed guidance provided in the arinc report. , “guidance for tool and test equip. ARINC Uploaded by Anonymous QFuHHlM. ARINC Report Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for.

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As the mounting features of are identical to those of Boeing C the accuracy 6688 for these features are as specified by Boeing in Ref B.

The maintenance task was revised and successfully performed using the applicable aircraft parts. All recommendations will be evaluated by the staff. Inthe working group will define the TSDPs to include test specifications and any additional information needed to implement a test.

In the “more electric” aircraft, for example, the hydraulic system will be connected to an actuator that is controlled by an electronic module, using fly-by-wire technology, instead of a mechanical link. Neither AEEC nor ARINC has made any determination whether these materials could be subject to valid claims of patent, copyright or other proprietary rights by third parties, and no representation 6688 warranty, express or implied, is made in this regard. The engineer is instructed to use equipment that ensures a transfer uncertainty ratio TUR of at least 4: Routine Priority — technical solution to proceed at a normal pace Proposals may have designated coordination with other groups.

The arinnc setup used in this example is based on CMM data and represents in total a Category 3 application. Slat Actuator Part Number: It is important for airline support to be gained prior to submittal.


How maintenance requirements for alternate TTE are developed? In the case where such maintenance documentation does not fully define the requirements for the original task and TTE, the airframe adinc engine manufacturers arjnc ensure that any other needed information is provided. How derived requirements are documented?


When the airline or repair station chooses to deviate from the OEM recommended equipment, it should be demonstrated that the alternate equipment meets the requirements of the task at hand. For example, narrative sentences may be changed to bullet items, etc. According to Mueller, while ARINC simply offers guidelines for testing, adding the standard into those documents ensures that the revision will be binding in future purchase agreements.

Product Focus: Expanding Scope of ARINC 625 Test Equipment

The EFICD receives discrete analog control inputs, provides discrete outputs for mode indication and an ARINC output odd parity which contains following control word information: The protocol will permit automatic determination of printer type and configuration to provide for growth and product differentiation. Slat Actuator Assembly Rev 27 B. Therefore, this document was written to address the equivalency based on a specific task, a group of tasks, applications, or group of applications aarinc.

Recommended Correction Reproduce the correction as it would appear in the corrected version of the material. Proposed modification eliminates need for expensive 12″ dial indicator and arihc existing verniers for measurement of actuator rod travel. A method to identify the alternate TTE?

Receive the latest avionics news right to your inbox. Calibration Procedure and Equipment. This documentation may include: This document includes a template which has provisions for all of the information required by The Committees to determine the relative priority of the project in relation to the entire work program.


ARINC | Guidance For Tool and Test Equipment (TTE) Equivalency | Document Center, Inc.

Describe how the new standard will improve competition among vendors, giving airlines freedom of choice. The subject tooling is not susceptible to inadvertent damage and is not used in a manner that is likely to cause wear of the functional features in normal use.

Calibration Period Specification In future aircraft designs such as the Airbus A and the Boeinghowever, electronics also will impact components that are not traditionally considered avionics, such as the hydraulic, pneumatic and environmental control systems. ANZES experience with similar simple geometry tooling.

According to Mueller, ARINC contains a much more detailed 668 clearer version of similar overlapping material in Attachment 4 is general guidance and may be modified as needed. Appendix C contains a sub-set of the documents that would be included in an equivalency technical data file for a simple device.

All recommendations to the committees to establish or reauthorize a project, whether originated by an airline or from the industry, should be prepared using the APIM template. In those instances where arinnc airline or repair station uses the OEM recommended equipment, no proof of equivalency is necessary. Derived Task and Tool Requirements Section 4.

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