ArcPy function to export a map document’s page layout or data frame to the Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format. CONVERTING DATA IN ARCGIS ArcGIS has data conversion commands in all The context menu of a shapefile or a coverage has the Export command for . A: This error message may appear when exporting an attribute map or ranked variable map from ioGAS using the Export to ESRI Geodatabase.

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Additional information on version compatibility between client versions and geodatabase versions can be found on this Esri Resource page. Are you unable to connect to the database?

Exporting ESRI ArcGIS data to MicroStation DGN

The default value is False. Steve Kipping over 8 years ago in reply to jameshaneyjr. This page contains a list of these return codes 9. Edited my answer to show the exact changes I made to your ro as posted above your 2nd code block.

Shape datasets larger than 2GB are considered invalid and will cause errors when opened in other applications.


Do you have all the required dependencies imported? When exporting a page layout, control image detail by changing the resolution parameter.

You need to assign that value to the variable before the Select Case statement: However, all line work comes back as complex chains with segmented lines, not lines and arcs. The snippet I mentioned in my comment, http: The following is a collection of the most common errors. See the arclbjects list of types which are not supported.

As far as I know I have imported all the required dependencies. Are you familiar with this? Email Required, but never shown.

FME and Esri ArcGIS Troubleshooting Guide

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. If your exact issue is not addressed above or you need further assistance, the following describes some of the key places to look for help. The linework will come in at the active Microstation attributes. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

When submitting a arcovjects request, please provide the following information as applicable in order to arcobjecys us to provide a timely response:.

Steve Kipping over 8 years ago in reply to Dan Weston. Other than that, I’m sort of out of ideas at the moment. ExportFormat is a string parameter of the function, you need to provide this. Can you add the Select Case lines in your code, not seeing it. Are you providing a value for tk ExportFormat variable?


By this as an exampleour original right-of-way lines were one continuous line between intersections; lot lines intersect the ROW.

Controlling graphic quality of the generated image differs for page layout exports versus data frame exports. PNGs exported from the data view in ArcMap can be generated with an accompanying world file for use as georeferenced raster data.

ExportToPNG—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop

Then, in the import dialog box, check the Load Attributes box and define the name of the table in the database where the GIS attribute data for your shapefile is stored, select the appropriate shapefile and click on the Run button.

This script opens a map document and exporf the ezport layout to a PNG file using default values for all options. Have you seen this code snippet, Export active view, help.

Sign up using Email and Password. Once again I received an error related to unable to cast object to type. A variable that references a MapDocument object.