an antidote against arminianism. by Christopher Ness. or. A Treatise to Enervate and Confute All The Five Points Of it;. Viz.: Predestination Grounded upon. Recommended by John Owen, John Gill, and Augustus Toplady. An easy-to-read but devastating critique of the Arminian heresy. A treatise to refute all five. An easy to read, but totally devastating attack against the heresy of Arminianism. Recommended reading by John Owen, John Gill, and Augustus Toplady.

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He acted as freely therein as if there had been no decree, and yet as infallibly as if there armminianism been no liberty. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

In the fallen estate. In the case of my close friend, Ness’s book lived up to its name. Luke Schmeltzer marked it as to-read Jun 13, At Hunslet he took an indulgence as a Congregationalist inand a new meeting-house was opened by him on June 3, One person found this helpful. And this Word is confirmed with an oath, when God swears by His holiness that He will not alter the thing that is gone out of His lips.

If moral persuasion be altogether insufficient of itself to recover man from his fallen state, then fallen man hath no free-will to do good. This is to suck poison out of a sweet flower; to dash against the Rock of ages; to stumble at the Word, whereunto they were appointed 1Pe 2: It is granted that God hath a respect for all mankind. The doctrine of the conditional decree sets God upon His watch-tower of foreknowledge to espy what men will do; whether they will believe or not, obey or not, persevere or not, and according to His observation of their actings, so He determines His will concerning them; thus the perfection both of the Divine knowledge and Divine will is with one breath denied.


Besides Christ there is no Saviour Isa The good pleasure of God is the only cause and ground of our election, not any foresight of our faith, etc. Jeff McCormack marked it as to-read Aug 16, Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.

He was not obliged in respect to motives; neither in the creature, nor yet in Christ. Against the commands of God. Want to Read saving…. Those for whom Christ died and rose again cannot be condemned.

Of Predestination, which is the First Point in Controversie. The state of regeneration, wherein he is freed from the slavery and dominion of sin, and from the love antidkte sin, though not at present, from the inbred corruptions and in being of it. That which taketh away the mysteriousness of the Divine decree ought to be rejected, and this doctrine of foreseen faith doth so. For the better understanding of this I shall enquire: Chris rated it really liked it Aug 12, Books by Christopher Ness.

Antidote Against Arminianism by Christopher Ness

Let me live as I list; if I am elected to salvation I shall certainly be saved. Against the counsel of the mind. This predestinating love effectually calls its chosen ones from all quarters. The world cannot; for Christ gives them faith to conquer the world 1Jo 5: Freedom is radically and originally in the will, not in the understanding; and it is an essential property of it, that it cannot be compelled by any created external agent, in its own free choice.


An Antidote Against Arminianism by Rev. Christopher Ness (1621-1705)

Thus are we taught to look up above ourselves for our new birth. For a decree of giving glory to believers persevering, as their reward, can be nothing else but remunerative justice. This is charging God foolishly, seeing no act of God can be a means to damn men.

The Doctrine of Predestination Predestination is the decree of God, by which according to the counsel of His own will He fore-ordained some of mankind to eternal life, and refused or passed by others; for the praise of His glorious mercy and justice.

This keyboarded and encoded edition of the work described above is co-owned by the institutions providing financial support to the Early English Books Online Text Creation Arminianksm.

Nor could the Lord foresee repentance, faith, love etc. If the fruits of the Divine decree be free, then must the decree itself be free. I will send Christ to redeem all, to save all again, if they will believe; ar,inianism I see they will not.

It is objected against the absolute decree, that it makes God guilty of dissimulation in calling upon such as are under the negative part of it to repent, etc.

Christopher Ness was an English Nonconformist preacher and author. Man is a rational creature; his will cannot be determined by anything from without, it being a self-determining principle.