Meditation: Antar Mouna – Ajapa Japa -Trataka. The Satyananda Yoga system offers many different traditional techniques to help the practitioner to turn the. TSYN: Antar Mouna. 14 minutes. An attempt at a more trauma-sensitive yoga nidra: heavy on choices and invitations; light on visualisation. This one is an. Mindfulness And Antar Mouna Meditation. Meditation has two main aims, the cultivation of witness consciousness, and the evolution of your.

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Gaining awareness of spontaneous thoughts. By the sixth stage, the yogi reaches a state of dharana concentration, which is the fifth of the eight limbs of yoga or even dhyana deep meditation, which is the seventh limb.

For the last seven years, meditation has been the foundation of my practice. This stage of Antar Mouna is a useful tool to practice manifestation.

For example, we may choose to focus on the sense of hearing, and simply listen. This is the like the spring cleaning of the mind only hopefully we do this more than once every spring!

Why do we journal our thoughts that arise during meditation?

On the flip side, if we need to let go of a aantar, we can create a thought of separation from the responsibility, such as thinking of shifting that duty to another person. So what exactly is the source of this thought? Listen to the sounds that are the closest, the sounds that are far away, the individual sounds, as well as the collective sound.

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I rose from mokna seat, turned to my right, and walked into a small room, where Michael was sitting. Refinement of stage three benefits. Attraction of subconscious thoughts. Now to embark on the 30 Day Challenge! The same sense should be used throughout the entire duration of this stage. For example, we hear the post carrier deliver some mail and we feel: It dredges up similar thoughts from the subconscious, and after a while, we have a big ball of thoughts, rather than only mounaa first one.

During the first seven years of my yoga practice, I studied mostly postures, or asana and expansion of the breath or pranayama. Each stage prepares us for the next, and in moving onto the next stage, if something feels off, or it feels too challenging, go back the previous stage and work with that a bit more.

I bowed and sat on the cushion in front of him.

Light Wellness

Our mind colors every moment of our lives. Liberation from mental conditioning. Our conscious mind is not actively creating a thought, the thought appears to randomly pop up to the surface of the conscious mind.

Be specific with the act of listening. When we realize that some or much of the time, it is our patterns of thought, our ego, and our cravings or aversions that lead us into a state of reaction rather than conscious action, we have made it to the first step of reclaiming the steering wheel.


Why We Twist in Yoga: The stuff that pops up into the conscious mind can be surprising, and immensely beneficial in understanding our habits and patterns. This is the part of the consciousness that is able to observe thoughts, feelings, and sensations, without reacting to them. Antar Mouna is a Tantric practice of training the mind in preparation for meditation.

Yoga & Meditation Workshop – Antar Mouna

Antaf more we examine the lenses through which we see this world, the more freedom we have in choosing to remove them, and to exist in Supreme Reality. I recommend aiming for a minute sit.

When the mind is purified and no unnecessary thoughts arise, spontaneous symbols may arise, or they may not. I knew exactly what I wanted to ask.

Antar Mouna – Yalla Class

The Witness observes the thoughts as if watching a movie, and watch the scenes change, one by one. This inquiry into the reality project or the practice of clear seeing, takes balancing the fire or tapas of self-discipline, with compassion and patience.

Observing suddenly became easier, which mpuna a very good thing.

The Benefits of This Simple Action.